Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clouds, Beaches, Ferries and Other Delightful Diversions

Thank you to everyone at the Dare County Arts Council, in Manteo, NC, for helping make my solo exhibit successful.  The show looks really beautiful in your new space! Friday night's reception was busy, and it was great fun to hear the band and meet all our guests.

Since I was at the beach anyway, I took a few days of vacation.  The sky was amazingly beautiful.  I took many photographs of the sky and landscapes with sky and I can hardly wait to paint some clouds AND present some sky and cloud demonstrations in my classes.

1 comment:

  1. Studying the light, colors and textures in nature is always the best. I'm not a painter, but I prefer picture 2, because it has an interesting mix of cumulus and cirrus clouds. With water reflections it is even more fascinating.
    I remember a software for my flight simulator that was focused only on this subject, as real as it gets. A science itself, sky color, cloud and water textures, etc.

    Thomas Weber