Thursday, October 22, 2015

Catherine Hillis is Best in Show at Piedmont Plein Air 2015

I won!  I won Best in Show during the September 2015 Piedmont Plein Air event.

Here's the winning painting:

"Slow Down," Watercolor, 20" x 16".

This watercolor does incorporate the many things I've been trying to accomplish in my plein air painting.  It's loose and juicy; there's a fine rhythm of motion and all the lines and values lead the viewer into the painting.  I found a way to instill my sense of humor into the piece.  You might notice that just to the right of the building on the left side of the picture is a speed limit sign, advising drivers to slow down...hence, the title.  There I was, set up with my easel and painting paraphernalia in a tiny alley only wide enough for one car and viewers kept speeding by, without realizing that this scene was quite beautiful.

I am now sketching Notans before every plein air painting.  I see the benefit of these little sketches because on my winning piece, I sketched some Notans before the event and worked out my design problems.  I'm now incorporating Notan sketching into my watercolor classes.

I'm grateful to the judge for selecting my painting...

I thank Julie Delgaudio for running such a fine show at Piedmont Plein Air in High Point, NC.  Even though Mrs. Delgaudio was "under the weather" during our week in High Point, she saw that artists were treated with the utmost respect.  The event was well organized, with volunteers repeatedly checking on the welfare of artists and some lovely meals provided, along with delightful housing at The Adams Inn in High Point.  It was MY PLEASURE to work hard for Mrs. Delgaudio, the "J" Gallery and the folks in High Point.

I had fun painting in this event and I think it shows.  Here's my nocturnal from Friday night painting the vintage Krispy Kreme location.

"Sweet Dreams," Watercolor, 10" x 20".