Friday, November 5, 2010

Feed the Artist; Feed the Soul

The purpose of my trip to Beaufort, SC was to take a workshop with Eric Weigardt and try to loosen up my technique a bit. He's a wonderful teacher! I learned SO MUCH and can't wait to paint again. I've been teaching too much and feeling burned out. Ugh.

While I adore my many students, I tend to give everything I have in class and then, I'm running on empty. During the winter, I plan to teach less and paint more. Painting is food for my soul.

Southern food is delicious and will always be my delight. But food for my soul, painting, is the thing I cannot survivie without.

Here's a picture of sunset on the Beaufort River in South Carolina. Perhaps there's a watercolor in this one......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feed the Artist

I'm in Beaufort, NC, participating in a workshop and trying to keep the hungry artist well fed. Whenever I foray into the south, I like to enjoy the southern food. What else!

On my first day here, I found a barbeque place with all my favorites: pulled pork, pork chops, chicken, fried okra, gumbo, white beans, green beans, collard greens and... so much more. Lunch is less than $8.00 and includes a hefty portion of meat, two vegetables, a large slab of cornbread and fresh lemonade or tea.

Breakfasts at my B and B have been delightfully prepared by Henri, the owner of the establishment: the first day, I was presented with a "Croissant Patricia;" the second day included "tropical pancakes," a stack of light cakes with layers of bananas and coconut. My beautiful old antebellum "home" overlooks the Beaufort River, a harbor full of boats and old moss covered oak trees that were quiet sentinels during the Civil War.

Tonite, my last evening, was a celebration with Debo and Nancy, students from Georgia. We shared a gourmet meal at the reknown "Saltus" restaurant. I had the best shrimp and grits that I've ever had: light, flavorful, fresh and artfully presented. We discussed the problems and joys of artists, and the tremendous need to feed the artist, not only emotionally, but also nutritionally.

I do recommend Beaufort as a gustatorial haven for the hungry artiste!