Friday, March 15, 2013

Just Wanna' Paint!

I just want to paint.

In this "busy" culture of ours, it's so difficult to find time to work.  Painting requires time to think creatively and that is not a thing that is encouraged in American society.

This has been a week with many deadlines, and three classes to teach, so it's been doubly difficult to find time to concentrate, with a calm and focused spirit.  I have a lot of ideas floating and I need to be consciously making time to allow new, creative ideas to begin fermenting.
My Perspective:  The David

This week I was elected to the Washington Society of Landscape Painters (, for which I am so grateful and honored.  This is a dedicated group of 40 artists that meet regularly to paint outdoors and that's a great venue for being quietly centered and thinking.

I also received an award in the national exhibit sponsored by the Western Colorado Watercolor Society, and I earned my signature membership status with them, having been accepted in the last three annual national shows.  I could put the following signatures after my name:  SW, PW, VWS,  BWS,  PVW, and WCWS, along with my newly earned WSLP letters.  And, there are many organizations in which I need only ONE MORE acceptance to be signatured with them as well.  Woo hoo!

I hope that next week I can breathe and enjoy the journey....for painting is a gift and a joy and needs to be approached with a sense of awe and serenity....