Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Demonstrations in the Classroom!

I really enjoy demonstrating watercolor painting when I'm teaching. Students wait expectantly, the paint is ready, the drawing is on the easel and there's just a feeling of ... tension.... in the room and it climaxes into happy sighs and those "oohs" and "aahs" that the instructor hears when things go well.  Of course, the demos don't always turn into good paintings.  I, personally, enjoy the pressure of being "in the spotlight."  I guess that's the theatre major in me; I love to be on, and I truly enjoy the drama of watercolor painting:  I like it when the water meets the paper, and then, the paint meets the water, and truly wonderful things can happen.

Here's a nice little painting that began as a demonstration.  Actually, I started it on site and "en plein aire," but I completed it in the classroom and, I think it's a nice little painting.  This piece is:  "Tree and Shadows, High Summer."

This painting is for sale, as are other originals and prints.  Please contact me if you're interested in adding a Catherine Hillis painting to your art collection!  And, thank you, out there, to all the collectors and art afficianados that I run across in my everyday life.

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