Monday, September 20, 2010

Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables

I’ve always wanted to see the Anne of Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island. I love the books and read them to my girls when they were young and we watched the movies together. The stories are wonderful, inspiring and amusing and the author really establishes a sense of place and community. I've been intrigued about what the island would really look like. Although the house is not the actual home of the fictional character, Anne, it is wonderfully restored and close to representing the home of the author’s aunt and uncle, who were a major influence in her life.

We crossed an 8 mile bridge to arrive on the island. The landscape is green, wild and rolling with lush fields and bright barns and houses of turquoise, red and corals. The surprisingly orange soil against the green fields, dotted by these brightly colored houses and barns makes for some luscious scenery and will, I hope, transfer into beautiful paintings.

Beatiful Inside and Out

Maine is an absolutely beautiful state and the house I was able to stay in is one of the most photogenic sites I’ve ever stayed at. I took tons of pictures just inside the house!
I have many fine interior landscapes that I intend to paint.

Traveling the Atlantic Maritimes

Ahhhh, Maine.

What can I say? We ate lots of lobster while we were in Maine and the Atlantic Maritimes. It was delicious and I don’t regret a single bite…..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trekell Brushes

I'm featured as Trekell Brush Company's artist of the month for September 2010.

See the website above.

Please feel free to use the 10% discount offered. Just use the name HILLIS when you order. I'd love to hear comments from students and professionals alike.