Friday, February 17, 2012

Build The Light, No. Three

I continue to brush on glazes of paint to build up the wonderful light that streaks through this moody old house in Maine.

I may come close to completing this painting today; I'm including a picture here of what I woke up to this morning. I couldn't paint yesterday, because I taught all day long. I needed a good night's sleep before beginning again.

First thing today, I framed a completed painting, then I played with two pieces that are nearly complete - I was trying different mats to see what the best way is to crop them. These two paintings have been in the studio for a month or more, and I've poured on them, atomized on them, and tweaked the values. I think they may finally be ready for prime time. Meanwhile, I'm also working on another drawing....busy, busy, busy.

I'm painting good thoughts and prayers into every piece. I feel compelled to consciously place peaceful memories on each and every painting for someone special who might need those healing thoughts.

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