Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Artist as a Multi-Tasker

A professional artist is a multi-tasker.

I'm currently working on painting and framing twenty paintings for upcoming solo shows, which I scheduled and applied for last year.

I compete on a national basis: just found out that I've had a painting (The Pedicure, see photo) accepted into the 18th Annual Rockeies West National Exhibition. I apply for an awful lot of national shows; I'm rejected from some and accepted into some. It's hard work, keeping my paintings "on the edge."

I teach every week.

I teach workshops out of town, at least one every month.

I do my own marketing, sales, tax documentation, paperwork, applications for the upcoming year, research, etc. etc. etc. The work is absolutely NEVER done, and, of course, what is the value of the actual painting, photographing and working in a creative process?

A painting is worth every penny of its cost.

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