Thursday, February 26, 2015

Plein Air Curacao 

I'll soon be off to participate as an invited international artist to paint in the 2015 Plein Air Curacao event.  As always, I'm getting very nervous.  I think it's a good thing to be excitedly nervous as I approach exhibits and plein air events.  It keeps me humble to know what talented plein air painters there are out there in the world and how honored I am to be a part of each event I'm juried into.  I thank the judges and the sponsors who are believing in me and in my work and the MOST FUN of these events is to get to know the people and their location.  Plein air artists are lucky, lucky people.  We get to capture beauty and history and a unique segment of time that will live forever on paper and canvas.

I ended up purchasing the "En Plein Air Pro" easel, which will soon get a workout.  I'll write a review of the easel once I've used it in the field.  The whole set fits in a small bag which can be carried as a shoulder bag or a small backpack.

You can see my page and paintings during the 2015 Plein Air Curacao event.


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