Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Easel Envy

I’ve broken several portable easels during plein air painting the last few years.  I’m searching for the perfect set up for watercolor painting outdoors.  I have “Soltek” envy right now…..this easel looks perfect to me, except for the $500.00 price tag, especially after reading about the problems painters are having with the telescoping legs of this expensive piece of equipment.  But the sleekness of body, the resilience against wind and the lightweight quality of this easel is more than attractive to me.

Easels are personal and I’ve yet to find a favorite. I start out sane and organized but by the end of a day, I have paper towel rolls blowing away and paint brushes lost on the ground and my kneaded erasers are gone with the wind.   I lose equipment and drop pieces wherever I go.  I’d like to find an answer to the easel conundrum and find something that helps me stay organized. I'd like an easel with a shelf for my supplies that's portable.

Here’s a thought.  I read this interesting article about making a watercolor plein air easel to match my style:

I also like the en plein air pro at
 It looks easy to set up and lightweight and I especially like the shelf for supplies and  the way the palette has an opening for the water.  That just looks practical to me. Price is under $300.00.

So, “Easel Envy:”  I’m searching and would love to have input on the perfect watercolor plein air easel.

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