Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plein Aire Painting

I think that last week's plein aire event in Herndon, VA will probably be my last for 2012.  Next year, I hope to clear my calendar during the spring and summer so that I can participate in more plein aire competitions across the country.  I love participating in competitions, and I usually meet lots of interesting  people and learn so much about the history of the different areas I travel to. 

This has been my second year of participation in plein aire competitions.  My goal this year was to:  paint faster and (perhaps) win an award.  I've won two Honorable Mention awards this year, and I've gotten my painting time down to a little over two hours.  Who knows, perhaps next year I'll consider myself ready to paint in some "Quick Draw" competitions.  I've been practicing for speed and accuracy all summer,  and I  feel I've met my personal goals.  I am (for once, I admit it) satisfied with my growth.

I completed two paintings on Friday and I finished a town scene on Saturday.  I felt very satisfied to have produced three pieces in two days.

"Lil' Caboose," won an Honorable Mention in the Herndon, VA Labor Day contest.  I like this little piece.  It's loose and I was able to put in just enough to depict this well loved scene in Herndon.  I completed this painting in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The painting of the little white store is a scene from Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA, which was a new location for me. It took 2 hours and 30 minutes to paint it.  I was tired by the afternoon.  I want to thank Shirley for suggesting this location.  It's a wonderful place, with lots of broad, red barns, old houses,  a lovely Quaker church, outbuildings, all sorts of animals and loads and loads of history.  Frying Pan Park Farm is a depression era homestead and it's an interesting look at society during the 30's.

I hope you enjoy these paintings from my last 2012 Plein Aire competition. And, hopefully, there's more to come next year!

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