Saturday, September 22, 2012

She Spreads Her Wings

Last weekend, I worked at an outdoor art fair in Leesburg, VA.  On Monday, I delivered art work to a large group show, and on Tuesday, I drove 100 miles to deliver to a new little shop that asked for some work.  I'm busy framing prints for a nearby decorator shop that carries my work and I've ordered more prints for that particular shop.  I packaged and shipped an order to a customer.  In between those tasks, I'm trying to foucs on painting for my upcoming solo exhibit, which opens in November.  Not everything is turning out as well as it could.  I'm destroying any sub standard work, and starting over again, just breathing and trying to remember that every minute spent painting will improve my skills and help me to keep moving forward.  I'm also doing paperwork throughout the week, trying to book 2014 workshops and shows, and helping to organize a group exhibit for the Ratner Museum, coming up in February.  I taught three classes this week, and since I'm teaching figures, there's lots of prep work for the classes.  Whenever possible, I close the door to my studio, turn the music up, breathe, and try to focus on my artwork.  I've completed two paintings this week, and started two more.

Here's one of the paintings completed this week:  "She Spreads Her Wings."

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