Friday, February 1, 2013

Texturing Techniques in Watercolor Painting: Add Some "Oomph" to Your Work

I want to thank Diane Raitt for taking pictures of my weekly class in Leesburg.  During last Thursday's class, I  reviewed some of the many texturing techniques a painter can utilize in watercolor painting.  While I enjoy introducing traditional watercolor painting to students, I realize that there are times when a painter needs to employ something different to their work, and sometimes additional texturing can add depth.

There are more texturing techniques than I'm able to list here tonite....and perhaps YOU can think of some of your own.  We watercolorists are an adventurous bunch and we are always trying to push the edge by finding some new way to express ourselves in our medium.  Here are some of the techniques we spoke about in classes this week:  lifting on dry and wet paper, sponging, splattering with toothbrush, wire screen and/or paintbrush, positive and negative stenciling, salt, alcohol, saran wrap, scratching with a variety of implements, watercolor pencils, caran d'arche, sand, sandpaper, masking fluid, mylar stamping, and fan brushes.

I'm including a picture here of one of my texturing charts, along with a photo of students watching the demonstration....

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