Friday, January 25, 2013

Birds in the Winter: Bluebirds and Other Winged Creatures

January in the mountains of Virginia is bitterly cold.  We had our typical Janaury thaw last week, and now the temperature is in the teens or below.

Yesterday, while walking along the old historic gravel road, I saw flocks of male bluebirds:  their feathers were all puffed up to keep them warm.  They were very active and seemed unafraid as I approached their little groups.  They seem very happy and it appears that they know something....spring is inevitable.  They were flitting about, viewing different bluebird houses along the road, seeking out real estate for lady friends.

I came across another little bird in my walk.  I couldn't get a good picture of the little fellow, but he had the reddest streak across the top of his head.....I looked him up, and I believe he may be a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  I'm sad that I couldn't get a better photograph of, I'm teaching a watercolor class at the Round Hill Arts Center - more snow is expected this afternoon - and, I plan to spend the late afternoon and the early evening  painting and working on a composition of Florence.

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