Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gratitude: I Paint, I Teach, I Conquer!

Gratitude is still my guiding thought.  I certainly hope this gratefulness continues.....

It's summer, and I'm still painting "en plein aire," and trying to figure out how to handle queries from inquiring minds while I'm in the midst of painting....I know a few artists who are rude to passers by....but I cannot be rude to folks, because I believe I'm an emissary of , not only my own work, but, of artists in general, when I'm painting in public.  But, there must be some sort of sign I can construct for my easel to gently nudge folks, in a humorous way, to ask a few questions of me, and then move on. 

I particularly enjoy being left alone to paint on my days off, when I'm not working, and when I'm participating with plein aire clubs - for fun.  I teach so much, and I'm on the road making so many deliveries, that I need this time to paint for ME.  I'd like to be a  little bit selfish (once in a while), so that I can go to that peaceful mental space where I love to go (and I arrive there through painting), so that I can re -charge those batteries and be ready to give again in the next class, or at the next reception, or to my family, or friends, or so on...and so forth.

I've been updating my website today, and I've decided that I've had a heck of a good year.  I've won some awards, I've been juried into plein aire competitions, and been selected for quite a few national/international watercolor shows. I "get" to teach to sold out classes,  and I "get" to teach in Italy and other exotic locations around the world. I "get" to work in a field that I love.  I'm grateful.

I caught Lyme's Disease during a plein aire paintout in Pennsylvania last year and was pretty sick for several months (and for the beginning of 2012);  my husband had a detached retina while we were in Italy - but, he's completely recovered ;  I have family members that make life difficult....but, still, I just have a really full heart.

I'm grateful to be able to paint and make a little money off of it; I'm grateful to share my gift through teaching; I'm grateful to be accomplishing quite a lot;  the only thing that I might change this year is...the economy....I'd like to ask folks out there to help artists a painting.  Sales of work is a bit down.  My paintings are created because something inside of me compels me to paint them....I never understand why...and it always seems that just the right person is out there waiting for that particular's meant for's meant to bring them something good.  So, please, folks, get out there!   There might be a piece of artwork that is meant entirely for you and your edification.

Here's a picture of "Buzz on 5th Avenue," which is en route to the San Diego International Watermedia Exhibit.

And, I'm also including here a list of the national shows I've been accepted to this year.  It makes me feel really grand to have finally written it all down.
“My Perspective: The David” will be featured in the book SPLASH 14: Color and Light. The book is a collection of 100 top contemporary American watercolor paintings, and it’s released annually by North Light Publishing Company. The book comes out in June, 2013.
"Minor Adjustments" will be on exhibit at the Baltimore Watercolor Society's Mid-Atlantic Regional Show at Black Rock Arts Center, Germantown, MD, from September 16 (reception) - October 5, 2012.

"Buzz on 5th Avenue" was selected by juror Nicholas Simmons for the San Diego Watercolor Society's 32nd International Watercolor Exhibition at the SDWS Gallery in San Diego. The exhibit runs August - September, 2012.

"Burano Reflections" was selected by juror Carole Barnes for the September 14 - October 28, 2012 Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition at the Foothills Art Center, in Golden, CO.
Catherine was one of 30 artists selected to paint in the "Paint It, Ellicot" plein aire competition July 7 - 9, 2012.

"Round 'n Round" won an Award of Merit at the 2012 33rd Annual Virginia Watercolor Society jurored exhibition.

Catherine was one of 30 artists selected to paint in the June, 2012, "Mountain Maryland Plein Aire" event in Cumberland, MD. She was awarded an Honorable Mention by judge Stephen Dougherty for her painting "Off Route 40."

"Radda, en plein aire" was selected for exhibit for the “Il Chiostro: The Eyes Have It” exhibit at the 25CPW Gallery in NYC, from March 21 - end of April, 2012.

"Burano Reflections" was selected for the February, March, 2012 Rockies West National Exhibition in Grand Junction, CO.

"Morning in the City" was included in the Signature American Watercolor Show at the Fallbrook Arts Center in Fallbrook, CA, January of 2012.
Catherine Hillis has had paintings selected for the following regional and national exhibits/events:

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