Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Framing! This Artist's Pet Peeve

I'm waiting for my frames to arrive for my upcoming solo exhibit at The Bridge Gallery in Shepherdstown, WV. While I wait for the frames, I've already begun painting for my next solo exhibit. Included here is a picture of a painting in progress of a little barber shop in Frederick, MD.

I'm so grateful for my framer. He'll ship me the frames, glass, and all equipment needed, so that all I will do is secure my paintings into each frame, seal the backs and put on the included hardware. I've already matted my paintings and they're ready to go.

My framer makes my life easy.

I usually cut my own mats, and I now cut them as I complete each painting. It's easier for me to self critique my work with the mat on it, and it's necessary to critique as I go. I once cut off part of my finger while cutting a mat. I can get sloppy and I'm often matting at the last minute. That's another good reason why I now try to cut mats as I complete each painting: I'm more organized and there's less rushing.

Watercolors are more expensive to frame than other mediums: we use mats and glass, along with the frame. I'm always receiving comments about frames, but I do my best to select something unobstrusive that will at least add to the work, and not detract from it.

Can you feel the energy coming through the work as I rush to get my show completed? And, after this exhibit, I have another solo exhibit at the Delaplaine Visual Arts and Education Center in Frederick, MD, beginning in May, 2012. Work, work, work!

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