Friday, March 2, 2012

Favorite Chair

Here's a nearly completed painting of one of my favorite chairs, in a spot where I like to vacation now and then..... I need to look at it for a few weeks, and do a little tweaking.

I'm posting this for Peggy, so that she can imagine sitting in this lovely spot, with the light pouring through, a good book in hand, and summer breezes fluttering through an open window. This is a spot where healing and good thoughts have occured for me.

It's 9 am, and today I'll be completing some poured pieces, with Italian scenes as the subject. I have a wonderful painting of Florence and another of an Italian harbor. I'm incorporating pouring with hand painting, in an attempt to continue loosening up.

I'll be drawing a piece today, too, of window reflections.


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  2. I can't decide which is lovelier -- the painting or the thought! Thank you very much. You have an amazing eye for light, and your recent paintings have really showcased it. I love the shadows and reflections in this one.

    Also, thank you for the get well card. We spent part of dinner singing the Star Spangled Banner for Ben so he could try to gargle along.