Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bucks County, PA:  The Stone Garden, SOLD

The summer of  2013 was full of plein air painting for me.

This painting of a statuary shop was one of my favorites and was produced my first day in New Hope, PA.
I often find that my best work is done on the first day or two in a location because I'm so inspired by what I see and excited to express it.

I also enjoyed painting in the plein air competition in Cranford, New Jersey, which is a delightful and friendly town, full of Victorian houses.  I could honestly paint there for weeks and still not be finished.

I was  honored to win a Juror's Choice Award for my painting "Looking Down Frederick Street"  in one of my favorite places to paint:  Ellicott City, MD.  For that, I am grateful ... and always humble.

Plein air painting is a lovely way to get to know a town and it's people.  I always walk the town before I paint to try and absorb the attitude prevalent among the people.  I like to awaken my senses so that I can begin to really know what the town is like and how I can best explain the location I'm in at that time with paint.  I walk and the traffic and to the conversations.  I observe the architecture, the shadows and the light and I read about the history of each place so that I can begin to discern who built the town, how it grew and what it's like now.  So, if you like to paint outdoors,  take much time for observation....listening.....and sensing....before you begin.  Happy painting!

Ellicott City, MD:  Looking Down Frederick Street, SOLD   

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