Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yin and Yang

I'm trying to rest more, laugh more and play more, in order to replenish my yin, as advised. It's difficult for me to slow down, though, because I find real joy in multi tasking, organizing and pushing ahead to reach my goals.

I am finding, however, that my creativity is soaring. As a result of slowing down just a little, ideas are pouring out of my head. I now have three paintings going in the studio.

I'm teaching my weekly students how to paint fabrics, and in searching for subject material, I've begun to look through some of the items that I've been saving through the decades. The picture here is "Things I Don't Use Anymore," and it's in the beginning stages. I'm spending most of my time building glazes that glow in the shadows and creases. I won't even begin defining the lace until towards the end of creating this painting.

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