Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plein Aire Brandywine September 2011

Painting in the Brandywine area of Pennsylvania was very tough. Artists were fighting rain and insects, as well as time, all week long. Every day, we were on site by around dawn. We had a few hours to paint and then our framed pieces had to be in by an assigned time: daily! This is particularly tough for a watercolor painter like me. All frames, mats, paper and glass had to be cut, sized and ready to go.

Every time it rained, it came down in torrents and we had to rush our equipment back into our cars. I didn't sleep much, nor did I go to the bathroom or eat much. Needless to say, when I returned home after my week, I slept a lot.

I did enjoy the beauty of Longwood Gardens and Winterthur on Monday. Honestly, my favorite place in Winterthur is the Enchanted Woods, where one and all can become children again and play on the troll's bridge, or sit in the tiny chairs in the tiny cottage, or hop along the mushroom path. It was lovely. On Tuesday, I painted the old stone mill at the Hagley Museum. The painting looks like it was ... a little rainy. I sat in the woods and created this piece in three hours.

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