Saturday, June 12, 2010

Artist in Residence, What's it Like?

Still, more reseasrch is needed to understand the indigenous culture of the area where I am to paint.

Today, I decided that it was essential to participate in the hot thermal baths in order to understand the nature of this national park. After all, it IS about the water, the HOT water, and the spas.

After participating in the bathing experience, I have decided that there is a Higher Power after all and H.P. may very well live in Buckstaff Bathhouse. The experience was heavenly. I have new respect for the Victorians and their belief in the healing power of the spas.

Tonite, I had to continue the cultural research: it ends with ribs, cole slaw and an extra large, thick slice of white bread at Stubby's BarBQ.

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