Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anita's Sea Turtle
I'd like to thank Anita for bringing her beautiful photographs to class and sharing them. Anita traveled to the Antilles and was able to take many photographs, both above and below sea level. She's a very talented lady, being able to paint in watercolors, take lovely photographs and create some darn nice pottery, too. This painting was created by using several techniques, including pouring paint and atomizing.
Thanks, Anita.
I'd also like to thank Michelle for bringing in a wonderful backdrop stand that the class will use next week for a still life set up. I'm so surprised to receive this gift and I thank Michelle with all my heart. I'll be working this week on a demonstration of Mason jars and it should sit quite nicely on the new backdrop. Oh - and this lady is a great painter, too!
Watch out for her work..... this week she created a gorgeous painting of a beautiful eggplant and some luscious tomatoes.

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