Monday, April 27, 2009

Is the Sky Really Blue?

Is the Sky Really Blue?
Watercolorists have some fine blue paints available to them, and generally, when I look at a painting - I see lots of blue skies in water media landscapes.
But, observe the sky. In fact, start spending lots of time in observation....
Even in the most vividly blue sky, is it just possible that there are other hues evident?
Look along the horizon line: could there be yellows, roses, greens, subtle greys?
Look at the top of the sky: could there be roses, violets, or several hues of blue? Are there any subtle color changes that you might not have noticed before?
This painting is titled: Early Spring Storm Rising. The skies where I live are always a joy. The storm clouds are wild and colorful; the sunsets are vividly pink; the morning skies include a myriad of color. This painting is currently for sale at Round Hill Arts Center in Round Hill, VA.
Observe the color around you. Paint what you see. Enjoy.

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